Coming Back to Change

The 5Point film festival approached us as they were at a crossroads. They were in the midst of some major organizational restructuring, and attempting to bring their focus back to their original vision that the festival had been founded on, which was being an intimate place where people were inspired to create change in their own lives and communities. They needed to communicate this not only through their marketing and communications, but through their actual programming, and we saddled up to help them accomplish this.

First, we helped them fashion a solid positionining statement that actually meant something to their core audience, and led them to their main differentiator from all the other adventure film festivals out there; the 5 Points.

A Web Presence

We then began the process of redesigning the 5 Point website, pairing intentional and unique copywriting with strong imagery that told their story; transforming people through stories of adventure.

5Point in Your Inbox

This same brand was carried over into a series of general email templates that the 5Point staff could fashion to whatever message they needed at the time.

The 5Point Family

As 5Point began to grow its family of offerings, we helped give each product an identity that was consistent within the larger 5Point brand.

The Results

Within the first year of the new focus on their unique brand of transforming people’s lives through storytelling in film, 5Point not only stabilized themselves as an organization, but began drawing audiences from more cities than ever before. They also had a rapid increase of new sponsors and sponsor inquiries, which made it possible to increase their national reach.