ViaHero is a travel start-up that hires locals in a country to plan custom trips for travelers. While the young company was off to a great start, as they grew, they realized they needed to better develop their unique value proposition and more clearly explain to customers how the service works.

We partnered with them to develop stronger brand messaging that was distinct from their competitors. Our analyses and discussions led us to update their logo to an aspirational type treatment, craft more compelling language about ViaHero’s value proposition, and design a new website that clarified the service for the customer.

We worked with Viahero to flesh out their core marketing messaging. We also created a logo and selected typeface that captured the imagination and possibilities of travel with a custom trip plan and the unique experiences of a local.


We reconstructed the homepage in order to more clearly explain how ViaHero’s service works and what exactly a customer is paying for. By designing a series of mobile phone screen shots of the process, we showed customers exactly what they were getting from the locals who will plan their trips.

The Results

The rebranding and website redesign improved a number of stats on the site, including dropping the bounce rate from 80% to 60%, and increased the number of users who made it to the purchase page by 40%.