• Why WordPress?

Why WordPress? It’s a question we get asked fairly often when we’re building websites for clients.

Well, here’s our short list of the reasons we’ve come to love this great CMS (content management system).

It’s User Friendly

We tell most of our clients that if they can handle a word processing program like Microsoft Word, then they’ll have no problem editing and creating content in WordPress. And one of the best parts is that you can give users various levels of access, so that if you want to keep things simple for one person who is easily overwhelmed, then you can keep them at a basic level. We even include a WordPress tutorial with every website we design.

It’s the most commonly used content management system in the world (59.4% market share as of 2016).

This is important for more than just bragging rights. It means that there’s a huge community of WordPress users that are creating helpful things online like tutorials, guides, plugins, themes, etc. This also means that many common wordpress questions can actually be answered by a google search, which means less time and cost for anyone using it. Some well known sites that are built on WordPress are: The New York Times, People magazine, National Geographic & Fo

It’s completely customizeable (and therefore cost-effective)

While there are a bunch of created WordPress templates already out there, it’s relatively easy to create a completely custom looking site on the platform. WordPress is structured with countless “mix & match” type tools that allow near infinite possibilities and combinations. This means less development time, which means less cost.

It’s secure

Because it’s such a common platform used by so many people, millions of people are depending on its security. This means that the WordPress team is always hard at work addressing anything that could make it vulnerable. Updates are created regularly so that sites can always have the latest security.

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. WordPress for the win!